a photo a day, today

December 27, 2007

I don’t know why we’ve never had Melissa Lyttle’s site A Photo A Day here. Well, now it is, and it’s on the blogroll too.


And the blog, A Photo A Day News, is most excellent too. She’s got attitude. I remember one post she wrote that made me want to punch her in the face, but on reflection, I want to hug her for thinking and writing so excellently about photography with a point of view.

BTW, if you’ve been following the blog of the mysterious Anonymous New York City Photo Editor, (check the blogroll) who anonymously told the harsh truth of how photo editors see photographers, he outed himself today. Last month, 40,000 people (unique views) looked in on his blog. How would you like to get your work in front of 40,000 + people a month? Well, get going!

One Response to “a photo a day, today”

  1. katyap Says:

    Her “double negative” article turned me off a bit. Perhaps I should just continue reading. While the paparazzi are admittedly annoying and give a bad name to the profession, and don’t seem to contribute much to the progress of society, it’s a bit pompous to demand that a photographers’ purpose always be to change the world. It’s not wrong to make a buck, especially when you’ve already ended a war.

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